How to Leverage Data to Drive PR, Content Marketing and Demand Generation Outcomes

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As modern PR professionals, we now have access to a wealth of data available at our fingertips.

But how are you ensuring that you're maximizing its value and communicating your insights in a way that's actionable for other departments within your organization?

With the speed at which information travels, are these same analytics also enabling you to be proactive in identifying risks and opportunities for your brand?

Join us for this webinar to learn how you can break down data silos and:

  • Better identify whitespace for brand messaging and PR outreach
  • Inform content and demand generation strategies with your analytics
  • Translate your outreach and campaigns into revenue generating programs
  • Democratize insights that add value to your team and organization
Harvey Rañola
Harvey Rañola
Global Head of Media Intelligence
NetBase Quid
Mark Nardone
Mark Nardone
PAN Communications