Data Segmentation: Practical Strategies For Breaking Down A Complex Consumer Landscape

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Let’s face it — analyzing and understanding large consumer categories can be intimidating. And on top of that, attempting to make sense of what your consumer base really wants while sifting through various platforms and adopting new research methodologies can sometimes seem downright daunting.

Fortunately, breaking down the consumer landscape and gathering the valuable insights you need isn’t nearly as complicated as it seems. In fact, there are a few powerful and practical steps you can begin to take right now to build a robust understanding of your customer and identify how your brand is being perceived…

Join GreenBook and Emily Ralston, Senior Solutions Consultant at NetBase Quid, to explore case studies anchored around sustainability in consumer package goods (CPG) and learn how to leverage social and media data to uncover what’s driving consumer interest, measure how brands are distinguishing themselves in the marketplace, and find ‘whitespace’ opportunities for your business to stand out from the competition.

3 Things We’ll Explore:

  1. How to leverage generated metrics such as sentiment, centrality, passion, and statistical outliers to highlight nuances in our data.
  2. Strategies to analyze language, identify themes of conversation, and minimize bias in your research
  3. How to identify opportunities to align your product launches or brand messaging with the demands of your market
Emily Ralston
Emily Ralston
Senior Solutions Consultant
NetBase Quid