Understanding Gen Z: Demography, Attitudes & Data (by a Gen Z)

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With Generation Z rising in the workforce and in purchasing power, understanding their attitudes and values has become a priority for Fortune 500 companies across sectors. Amidst a sea of new research on this cohort, what cuts to the core of this generation's unique lifestyle habits and, ultimately, purchasing habits? Compelling insights and continual monitoring can be developed by leveraging textual data at scale, especially from niche and mainstream social channels. Using NLP and analytical strategies with social channel data offers a 24-hour focus group with this cohort to garner insights on everything from traveling preferences to specific product launch reactions.

Join a thought leader (and member of the Gen Z cohort) from Netbase Quid to learn how you can use advanced competitive intelligence and expand the possibilities of how your organization can leverage textual data. This webinar will cover:

  • Ways to garner demographic insights via social media data – and cut through the noise
  • Leveraging complimentary datasets for robust generational insights
  • How the voice of Gen Z enables more effective drug rollout strategies
  • Understanding how Gen Z values manifest in their alcohol preferences and habits
Nicole Seredenko
Nicole Seredenko
Associate of Consulting Services
NetBase Quid