Business Analytics: Discerning Between Popular Fads vs Profitable Trends

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Just because a topic is dominating conversation across the web, doesn’t mean it’s going to be a good long-term investment for your business…

Case and point — over 150 of the biggest innovation fails of all time by corporate giants like Nike, Microsoft, and Facebook were an attempt to capture the moment. Yet, they failed miserably in their attempts to connect with consumers - wasting both time and money.

Making the determination between a trend or a fad is often the difference between a company successfully leveraging the next big market shift, or latching its campaigns to fleeting movements that result in a drastic loss of revenue.

So, the question is, how can your business avoid the same mistakes when making critical decisions about new products and services?

In this free webinar with GreenBook and NetBase Quid, you’ll learn how to apply an analytical approach to your research and discover how to effectively discern between short-term fads, and trends that will go the distance.

Join Harvey Rañola, Global Head of Media Intelligence, and Jason Auh, Director of Strategic Growth at NetBase Quid, as they take you on a deep dive to explore the major fails and successes of brands like Peloton, Lululemon, and Apple, while providing valuable insight into developing future-proof campaigns leveraged by your very own audience and their unmet needs.

3 Critical Takeaways:

  • Discover how to make confident determinations between popular fads vs. profitable trends
  • Explore how to use data segmentation for more nuanced insights in your research
  • Learn how to see the big picture when leveraging multiple data sources
Harvey Rañola
Harvey Rañola
Global Head of Media Intelligence
NetBase Quid
Jason Auh
Jason Auh
Director of Strategic Growth
NetBase Quid