5 Ways to Maximize Campaign ROI Through Social and Media Insights

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When it comes to using social and media data, the most successful brands depend on insights to shed light on their overall brand health, analyze trends, anticipate consumer behavior and monitor the competition to ultimately grow their revenue. Forrester Research recently found 67% of brands that scored “advanced” for their insights-driven business maturity experienced 10% or higher revenue than the competition.

Join NetBase Quid for a look at how brands like Tesla, Lululemon and Nike found the secret of social and media data success by applying these insights to their business strategy and programs for maximum impact.

You’ll find out how to:

  • Uncover meaningful, data-driven consumer and market insights
  • Apply rich insights to create more on-target campaigns and improve the outcomes
  • Define your metrics of success and generate positive ROI on your programs
Harvey Ranola
Harvey Ranola
Global Head of Media Intelligence
NetBase Quid