The Power of Anomaly: How to detect early market signals for a competitive advantage

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Join experts from Coca Cola, Boston Consulting Group and NetBase Quid as they share best practices in identifying market anomalies that have the potential to massively impact your business, based on the just published Harvard Business Review article, The Power of Anomaly.

Learn to develop an anomaly-driven strategy as we discuss how to:

  • Examine your business from the outside in
  • Question your existing models
  • Identify the diamonds hiding in the data

Identifying the next big thing is often treated as an exercise in analyzing trends. But that’s misleading. By the time a trend is established, named and widely discussed, any opportunities it presents have likely been captured by competitors.

To take advantage of emerging trends, companies must identify them when they are not yet named or widely known. At that stage, the signs will be merely anomalies: weak signals that are in some way surprising and not entirely clear in scope. Most anomalies don’t become meaningful trends, of course. But some do—and the businesses that identify and interpret them early can gain a huge advantage in the market and on their competition.

Pamela Mittoo
Pamela Mittoo
Group Director, Global Technical Consumer Research
Coca-Cola Company
Martin Reeves
Martin Reeves
BCG Henderson Institute
Bob Goodson
Bob Goodson
NetBase Quid