The Perfect Ammunition for Planning: How to Harness Consumer and Market Insights for 2021

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With an exit from the pandemic on the horizon, organizations are looking to capitalize on potential higher economic activity and communications teams will play a key role in this. This means the marketplace will be more competitive than ever. So, how will you ensure that your brand stands out in such a crowded space?

Join experts from NetBase Quid and Hotwire Global as they give their top tips on:

  • Using consumer and market intelligence to fuel strategic planning
  • Gathering greater insight into target audiences, allowing you to differentiate and drive success for your brand
  • Utilizing that insight to enables you to make sharper decisions and outshine competitors
Chris Paxton
Chris Paxton
Chief Strategy Officer
Hotwire Global
Marianne Taudiere
Marianne Taudiere
VP Account Management
NetBase Quid