Match Your Audience to the Right Social Channels: Uncover New Opportunities and Maximize Campaign ROI

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TikTok… Instagram… Reddit… Facebook… Each of the popular social media platforms has a reputation for the demographic it attracts. But when it comes to your brand’s audience, positioning and campaign goals, do you really know which social channels provide you the best return? And how can different social platforms provide you with deeper insights on new audiences, competition, influencers and other opportunities? And are there new channels you might not have considered?

Join NetBase Quid for a look at how to use social insights to maximize your social marketing success, reach the right audiences and identify new opportunities. You’ll find out:

  • How to realize your true brand potential on TikTok, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook and more
  • How to go beyond standard demographics to understand how and where to reach your social audience
  • Ways to track campaign ROI, engagement, sentiment and competition by channel
Mike Baglietto
Mike Baglietto
Global Head of Product Marketing
NetBase Quid