The First 24: Navigating the Initial Moments of a Brand Crisis

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Crises are inevitable, unavoidable and – even with the best preparedness – can be unpredictable.

And in many cases in our digital, 24-7-365 world, the damage to your brand only takes mere minutes to formulate and becomes a potentially long-lasting problem your brand will be dealing with consistently. Social media conversations, news media narratives and disinformation quickly turn minor problems into viral catastrophes. Yesterday’s hyperlocal media hit is tomorrow’s international front-page story.

How the communications team collects information, assesses the situation, involves partners and ultimately responds is crucial. However, it’s the first 24 hours that often represent the crucial snapshot of time that makes all of the difference.

This conversation, presented by NetBase Quid in partnership with PRWeek, discusses the specifics of how immediate reactions and thoughtful responses can mitigate a PR crisis, or put a company on the right path to recovery, using real-world examples to illustrate the need for preparation and a quick response to keep brands intact.

During this hour, we’ll discuss:

  • What are the critical steps to forming a crisis management strategy that moves fast and can mobilize with speed and urgency
  • Why creating a foundational “dashboard” for crisis tracking is a difference-maker and supports sharing of information with collaborative teams (legal, HR, etc.).
  • How to best – and most immediately – use media analytics in crisis situations
  • Why measuring the response, conversation and impact in real time helps set the tone for how and where to react and respond
  • And much more
Brandon Chesnutt
Brandon Chesnutt
Partner, VP of Digital Strategy & Development
Mike Baglietto
Mike Baglietto
Global Head of Product Marketing
NetBase Quid