5 Steps to Managing a Crisis in an Unpredictable World

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Every day notable brands are involved in lawsuits, cybersecurity breaches, gender and racial discrimination complaints… the list goes on. These situations are unavoidable, and marketers must be prepared. Business decision-makers need to understand issues impacting their brand reputation and develop a strategy to respond quickly and efficiently.

An effective social and news media listening program provides insight into what consumers love and what they don't about your brand all in real-time, providing the context necessary to act quickly and appropriately to protect your brand's reputation.

Join us for this webinar to see NetBase News in action! We'll show you how to:

  • Track brand issues across channels including social media, news, and other sources
  • Dive deep into the data to understand what is driving the conversation
  • Make strategic, data-driven decisions to address the issues quickly
  • Create a repeatable process that helps you quickly and efficiently handle issues in the future
Mike Baglietto
Mike Baglietto
Global Head of Product Marketing
NetBase Quid