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The business environment in which we operate is rapidly changing, increasingly complex, and creating an unprecedented rise in global competition. In conjunction with these conditions, constantly shifting consumer beliefs, values, and needs lead to fluctuations in consumer behavior that impact the way we live, search, engage, and make purchases. Responding to unmet consumer needs and shifts in behavior is imperative for brands, yet traditional research methods to uncover these needs are unable to keep up with the pace of the shifting market landscape. Complex or siloed systems, disjointed workflows, and an abundance of channels contribute to the challenge of uncovering differentiated insights.

This MARTECH report presents the most effective ways for brands to cut through the noise to find and resolve unmet needs within social, consumer and market intelligence conversations. It covers topics such as the key social trends making an impact in 2022, up-to-date techniques for monitoring brand health, and how to derive meaningful, actionable insights. Brands will learn:

  • Key social trends making an impact in 2022
  • Social channel shifts, growth and relative impact
  • Techniques to gain efficiencies through better insights
  • Creating a step-by-step, repeatable process for managing brand health