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With scrappy new competitors emerging daily, and increasingly fickle consumers, how can enterprises compete? Change is certainly afoot, as consumers shift from one brand to another, and exhibit different shopping behaviors in general. And among biggest risks is a competitor they haven’t even identified yet, or a trend they didn’t spot. So how do successful enterprises compete in the ever-shifting market landscape? A key element to success is data. Data-driven companies successfully outperform their competition across the full customer lifecycle. So how do you access and leverage data to stay ahead of market shifts and the competition?

This eBook, Preparing for Market Shifts with AI-Powered Continuous Intelligence, explores how to tap into the vast pool of consumer and market data to derive ongoing, actionable insights, spot trends, anticipate unmet needs, and remain competitive. Topics covered include:

  • Competing amidst constant market disruption
  • Creating a mental model of your market
  • Understanding trends – long-term and new
  • Recognizing the need for continuous intelligence
  • Implementing your holistic, data-driven approach