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Many brands have become adept at social listening and identifying trends, but not every brand experiences wild success in taking steps to fill those needs.

In this eBook, How Consumer and Market Intelligence Predicts Mindset Shifts, we look at how successful brands validate trends and make data-driven decisions informed by both consumer and market data. Each offers distinct insights, with consumer intelligence capturing the heart of the consumer and market intelligence capturing the logic.

Specifically, you’ll learn about how:

  • Consumer intelligence data sources driving innovation—what data sources spanning the social web are available to brands, as well as how insights are aggregated and analyzed to uncover cultural shifts and game-changing ideas.
  • News media connects consumer and market intelligence—the chicken/egg scenario that many brands fail to recognize and fold into their planning.
  • Market intelligence that moves mountains—company data, including investment and patent data that reveals M&A movements and first mover opportunities, as well as informs R&D direction.