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Understanding customers remains the most important aspect of communications. And in this digital era, customers have never been more empowered to share. But with the rise of digital has come complexity – we now have a plethora of self expression in different forms, across many communication channels to aid our understanding of the consumer, but with this exploding volume comes the job of interpreting the data to draw insights and take action.

This ebook, Insights for Communications: How to find insights that will inspire communications strategies that work, is a practical guide to formal insights discovery. Authored by Dr. Jillian Ney of The Social Intelligence Lab, in conjunction with NetBase Quid, this report covers five common communications objectives, explaining in detail which questions you need to ask, how to use data to answer them, and uncover the insights you need to meet the objective. Learn step-by-step how to turn insights into action when your objective is to:

  • Build awareness
  • Increase brand loyalty and community engagement
  • Expand audiences or reach new markets
  • Increase purchase intent
  • Have more successful creative ideas