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Whether we’re working on brand positioning or strategy for a content campaign, measuring media performance or conceptualizing a new brand, people come first. There’s never been a greater risk in not thoroughly understanding the customer. This eBook explores how to use conversational data – digital data from conversations happening online, including social media, forums, search engines, review sites and media sites – to uncover meaningful insights and speak to customers with more authenticity.

This eBook, Insightful Agencies: How Conversational Data Can Transform Today’s Digital Agency* describes the process for deriving insights that will inform strategy and creative that are far more likely to resonate with customers. Topics covered include:

  • Why, where, and how to derive authentic customer insights
  • Making the pitch – using insights for powerful storytelling
  • Informing strategy, including audience, cultural and competitor context
  • Using insights to spark the creative process
  • Delivering meaningful campaign reports – going beyond vanity metrics

*This eBook is co-authored by Dr. Jillian Ney of The Social Intelligence Lab.