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A social media audit acts as a trail marker from which to measure and strategize for success in the future—something every business needs! Trends and perceptions move fast on social media, and it can get overwhelming to keep track of all of your brand’s social accounts. And when things really heat up, it can feel like pitching a tent in a hurricane.

That’s why brands need to stop every now and then and take a snapshot of their social situation to act as a benchmark going forward. And that’s exactly what a social media audit does—it tidies up all the loose ends of your social media, so you have a cohesive viewpoint of where you stand. In this ebook, How-To Guide to the Social Media Audit, we explore the process of social media auditing, with a focus on:

  • What is a social media audit
  • How brands benefit from social media auditing
  • Channels brands must audit and why
  • How to establish your brand’s auditing plan