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Advances in digital technology have led to transformative shifts in the status quo within the healthcare and pharma industries. In addition to the tools at hand to expand healthcare access and services, much of the exponential advancement is due to the efficient use of the vast, rich data now available to healthcare practitioners, pharmaceutical researchers, health educators, and other healthcare providers.

In this comprehensive eBook, Keeping Pace with Forces Shaping the Healthcare & Pharma Ecosystem, we explore how healthcare and pharma providers use AI-powered consumer & market intelligence to accelerate and enrich their research, treatments, products and services. Use cases covered include:

  • Extracting meaningful, data-backed insights to inform healthcare needs
  • Understanding pain points and patient perceptions
  • Conducting deep, ongoing competitive intelligence
  • Tracking patient & market trends, including patent data
  • Developing and testing product messaging & marketing strategy
  • Identifying influencers and key opinion leaders