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When it comes to decision-making, intuition is good, but data is king! Qualitative and quantitative facts are what businesses rely on for informed, outcome-driven results. For agile businesses to stay competitive, all decision-making must be rooted in fact, backed up by numbers to support the strategies we undertake.

This report covers the whys and hows of breaking down data silos to get a holistic picture of your market, trends, and consumers, and applying these rich, fact-based insights not only to your sales and marketing strategies, but innovation and product development as well. You will learn:

  • Business benefits of breaking down data silos, including sales & marketing, product innovation, competitive advantages, tech scouting, and overall improvements in operational efficiency
  • How today’s AI-enabled platforms provide contextual insights based on billions of indexed resources across all forms of data, including social, news, product reviews, blogs, forums, internal data and more
  • The criteria for evaluating consumer and market intelligence solutions - accuracy, breadth and depth of data sources, scalability, quality of analysis, reporting capabilities