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The fast-paced, always-on nature of social media, combined with the relentless demand for original ideas and fresh approaches, puts a great deal of demand on agencies and social media managers to provide definitive value to their clients and organizations. How to accomplish this isn’t as straightforward as adding more activity, finding better ideas or even launching winning campaigns. Instead, as gatekeepers of true customer insight, they can deliver on the promise of what social media really offers – a way to understand your customers like never before. The good news that is that agencies and social media managers already have everything they need to deliver transformative insights to the businesses they serve.

This eBook, Putting Conversational Data to Work – How to use digital conversations to better deliver insights and make better decisions, tackles the topic of how to add more value to clients and organizations, and to be more valued in return. Authored by Dr. Jillian Ney of The Social Intelligence Lab, in conjunction with NetBase Quid, this guide will show you how to transform a day-to-day communications function into an insights service that brands will delight in, and that will become an integral part of business strategy. Download the eBook to understand practical ways you can make changes to your thinking, interpretation and presentation of your work, in order to become indispensable. Topics covered include:

  • Understanding why and how to add meaningful client value through consumer insights
  • Defining and characterizing true insights
  • Mining conversational data: examples of utilizing data sources for insights
  • Identifying the key nuggets and delivering insights through storytelling