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Traditional customer segmentation is dead. Audiences can no longer be placed into demographically defined buckets, with an associated set of expected needs and wants—and that’s assuming it was ever a good idea, which it probably was not. With advanced consumer intelligence at our fingertips, there’s really no reason to focus on surface insights. And this reality has savvy brands implementing AI-powered solutions capable of capturing nuance.

Continuous consumer intelligence technology helps brands meet this need. It is purpose-built to combine all data types—internal data (e.g., CRM, surveys) and external data (e.g., social, website, location data) to look beyond the customer ... into the nature of the consumer.

In this ebook, we explore why moving to continuous consumer intelligence is a smart move. Specifically, we take a look at the following:

  • Leveraging a wide spectrum of consumer & market intelligence sources
  • Meeting different intelligence needs by business unit
  • Rethinking actions and outcomes
  • Evaluating your existing consumer intelligence solutions against what’s available