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In our fast-changing and increasingly complex world, consumer beliefs, values, and needs are shifting faster than ever before, changing the way we live, search, engage, and buy products. The biggest mistake a brand can make is to look at their brand without understanding its context to competitors and the market. No brand operates in a vacuum! The other mistake brands make is expecting what has worked in the past to work in the future. Given the readily changing influences on consumers, as well as increased global competition, brands need to be agile and nimble to adjust to changing preferences in their market.

The Importance of Competitive Intelligence for Your Brand Strategy ebook shows how to go beyond comparing brand mentions and sentiment to fully understand why your brand or competitor is trending, and to understand the forces and influences on the consumer conversation for your brand and your competitors’. This intelligence is key to shape the conversation around key aspects of your category or market, catapulting your brand into a first mover advantage once you truly understand your consumers, how they think and feel, and the motivations that encourage them to act – with their voice and their wallet.

Using Quid Social and examples from the electric vehicle market, learn how you can:

  • Map where your brand and your competitors appear in the social conversation
  • Identify conversations distinctly owned by top brands in your space
  • Uncover emerging trends in your category and act on them for first mover advantage