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Great competitive intelligence is a necessity for any data driven organization. It can tell you not only how consumers perceive your brand, but also what message are resonating with your target consumers, what brands and products are getting the most share of voice, and what investments your competitors are making to capture market share. However, changes happen so fast, that by the time your competitive analysis is completed, the market has changed again.

In this eBook, we discuss why continuous consumer and market intelligence is vital to staying ahead. We then review best practices for applying continual discovery and monitoring to identify emerging trends, changing consumer sentiment and preferences, and unmet needs in your market. Finally, we’ll show how to track these insights over time for ongoing analysis and measurement, keeping your finger on the pulse of your market and competitors. We cover:

  • Defining continuous consumer and market intelligence
  • Applying continual discovery and monitoring
  • Identifying changing consumer sentiment, preferences and unmet needs
  • Tracking competitive insights and market shifts over time