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Providing impactful insights at speed builds trust and ensures that your client never feels the need to look elsewhere! To accomplish this, the market, consumer or competitive intelligence you provide must be powered by accurate, data-driven insights that are up-to-date and immediately actionable.

Not only is speed-to-insight of the essence, but an agency’s ability to disseminate the data is vital. If brand mentions skyrocket out of the blue, your reports must reach the key decision-makers proactively and with haste.

In this eBook, The Agency’s Guide to Building Client Trust and Rapport, we’ll cover:

  • Using real-time intel to exceed expectations
  • Brand monitoring before and after a product launch
  • How to manage competitive or narrative threats so that your client views you as a trusted advisor and invaluable part of the team
  • Identifying the key opinion leaders (KOLs) and influencers driving conversation in your client’s category
  • How to keep an eye on trends in real time, and anticipate emerging trends to keep your client competitively positioned
  • Making data-driven dashboards an integral part of your agency’s process