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With the speed of online, information is abundant. Unfortunately, so is misinformation. Whether that comes in the form of sharing wrong information, dissemination of propaganda, or data sets cluttered by spam, misinformation in any form is a threat.

Brands (and the agencies that support them) need actionable intelligence, and they need it fast. And it must be clean data that cuts across data silos. Doing so requires casting a large net, capturing relevant insights, and filtering down to answer the most pertinent questions. And this must include actionable intel that will stop misinformation dead in its tracks, or at least slow it down a good bit. In this report, NetBase Quid and 113 Industries partnered to cover some of the best practices agencies should employ to do just that. This report covers how to:

  • Get a firm grip on brand positioning
  • “Read the room” around your topic
  • Refine your understanding with sentiment analysis
  • Understand the difference between consumer and media narratives
  • Influence consumer conversation through short- and long-term goals
  • Use market insights to supplement consumer voice discoveries
  • Uncover which medium is driving conversation
  • Message out and drive outcomes