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Your agency has made the shortlist for a new client – the race is on! With limited time and resources, agencies need to expedite their process by condensing time to insights, while crafting the most robust data-driven and differentiating pitch possible.

Utilizing consumer and market intelligence requires less time to capture superior insight and, in the process, help you differentiate your agency as the superior choice.

Keys to a winning pitch include demonstrating your understanding of the client’s market, category, competition, and current and prospective customers, then showcasing creative solutions backed by data-driven insights.

The Agency Guide to Nailing the New Business Pitch shows you why and how to gather the insights to enrich your agency pitches, providing actionable intel such as:

  • Industry conversations taking place in the general space
  • Understanding share of voice and overall competitive landscape
  • Audience analysis revealing potential customer likes, dislikes and needs
  • Contrasting media and social narratives to inform distinct messaging to each
  • Trends and potential whitespace opportunities
  • Unexpected insight that tells the company more about itself than it knew before your pitch