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As consumer and market trends shift, companies must focus on differentiating between the signal and noise to predict where things are headed. Otherwise, they risk following the wrong rabbit hole and not only wasting time and money, but also missing out on real opportunities.

In this eBook, Predicting Consumer and Market Shifts with Advanced Trends Analytics, we explore how brands can stay informed in a rapidly changing competitive landscape based on shifting consumer behaviors. It all comes down to the identification and analysis of long-term and short-term trends to retain both consumers and market share. The biggest risks likely to impact a company include:

  • A competitor that hasn’t been identified yet—possibly one that doesn’t even exist yet—and subsequent category disruptions
  • A business intelligence stack that has become unwieldly and incapable of surfacing real-time, actionable insights relevant to specific needs
  • Information gathered via traditional methods is dimensional and siloed, lacking context

Let’s dig into each challenge and solutions. We’ll cover:

  • Managing massive volumes of data
  • Data disorganization and lack of democratization
  • Deriving meaningful insights from data