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The importance of social listening and keeping up with emerging trends cannot be understated. Consumer beliefs, values and needs are shifting faster than ever before, changing the way we live, search, engage and buy products. All this, coupled with an unprecedented rise in global competition makes business agility imperative.

Traditional social media analysis for identifying unmet needs is no longer enough; there is too much data to analyze quickly, and noisy channels make finding differentiated insights difficult. Thus the need for increasingly sophisticated, AI-enabled consumer intelligence platforms. In the eBook, What Goes into Your AI-Enabled Consumer Intelligence, learn how a highly advanced, AI-powered consumer intelligence product like Quid Social meets the growing challenges, enabling a full 360 -degree view from all data sources. This eBook covers the:

  • Growing complexity and need for AI-enabled consumer intelligence
  • Detailed examples with visuals for conducting a deep social analysis
  • Major steps, including conversation clustering, sentiment analysis, and data views