Exclusive Study: How Consumer and Market Intelligence Can Deliver 100% ROI

A new Statista study, commissioned by NetBase Quid, reveals the enterprise-wide benefits and ROI of consumer and market intelligence platform

Brands are investing in increasingly sophisticated solutions for collecting consumer and market intelligence and applying it enterprise-wide. The insights derived from this intelligence are being used to feed aspects of corporate strategy ranging from business and marketing execution to product innovation and corporate investment. But how do companies assess the value of their investment in solutions to derive and leverage this deep consumer and market intelligence?

In this study, Statista interviewed major brands, management consulting firms, and other enterprises to understand the ROI they experience from investing in consumer and market intelligence, the specific scenarios where they see value, and the degree to which they experience benefits, including:

  • The ROI and cost savings of 100% faster time to insights
  • How 73% of those surveyed use insights to inform growth and innovation
  • The relative value across the organization, from brand strategy, trend-spotting and campaign monitoring, to investment decisions and tech scouting