Impact of Technology on Finance Services 2023: Digital Banking (North America)

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According to this PRWeek/NetBase Quid survey, nine out of 10 PR pros strive to be bigger factors in business-moving decisions. The more intelligence they can gather, the better off both the discipline and the brands they represent will be.

In this 2023 PRWeek/NetBase Quid report, Communications Intelligence: The Important Choices, we look at the tools PR pros need to get smarter, more creative, and more collaborative than ever to secure PR’s spot in the C-suite for the long term. This extends from crisis management to campaign strategy, execution, and optimization.

You will learn:

  • The common tools present in the tech stacks of many communication professionals/teams.
  • How PR professionals are using data to assist with critical parts of their roles.
  • The level of certainty PR professionals have in their ability to connect with consumers emotionally and make the most of trends.
  • The role of data in aiding communication in these four key areas: Coverage, Content, Crisis, and Competitors.
  • The contrasting viewpoints between agency and corporate professionals on topics such as trend detection, evaluation of consumer sentiment, and reliance on data.