Impact of Technology on Finance Services 2023: Lending & Brokerage (North America)

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The financial services industry is rapidly evolving due to technological advancements and changing consumer preferences. One of the key challenges facing the financial services industry is the rapid transformation of the consumer landscape, particularly in the realm of lending and trading platforms.

The rise of innovative lending solutions and trading apps has dramatically changed the way people access and manage credit, while increasing concerns over data privacy and security have led to a greater demand for secure and transparent financial products.

In this 2023 North America report, Impact of Technology on Finance Services: Lending & Brokerage, we examine:

  • Insights into key trends shaping the lending and brokerage industry
  • Insights into consumer preferences and behaviors for lending and brokerage services
  • Benefits and risks of online lending and brokerage platforms for managing investments and accessing credit
  • Strategies for effectively responding to evolving client needs and behaviors

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