Impact of Technology on Finance Services 2023: Investment Banking (North America)

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The financial services industry is rapidly evolving due to technological advancements and changing consumer preferences. Investment banking, a critical component of the financial services industry, confronts the challenge of adapting to the rapidly evolving consumer landscape. Changing client needs and behaviors significantly impact the demand for a diverse range of investment banking services, such as mergers and acquisitions, underwriting, asset management, and trading.

For instance, the proliferation of digital banking, mobile applications, and robo-advisory platforms has revolutionized how clients manage their investments, while growing concerns about data privacy and security have led to heightened demand for secure and transparent financial products.

Moreover, the increasing interest in socially responsible investing, including ESG and impact investing, underscores the necessity for investment banks to incorporate environmental, social, and governance factors in their offerings and decision-making processes.

In this 2023 North America report, Impact of Technology on Finance Services: Investment Banking, we examine:

  • Insights into key trends shaping the investment banking industry
  • How robo-advisors are making passive investing more accessible
  • How investors are aligning their financial decisions with their values and beliefs
  • Strategies for financial institutions to effectively respond to evolving client needs and behaviors

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