Impact of Technology on Finance Services 2023: Digital Banking (EU+UK)

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The financial services industry within the EU+UK is rapidly evolving due to technological advancements and shifting consumer preferences. One of the key challenges facing this region's financial services industry is the rapidly changing consumer landscape. The evolving needs and behaviours of EU+UK consumers are significantly impacting the demand for financial services and the ways in which they are delivered.

The rise of digital banking and mobile applications has transformed how consumers in the EU and UK manage their finances, while increasing concerns over data privacy and security have led to greater demand for secure financial products.

In this 2023 EU+UK report, Impact of Technology on Finance Services: Digital Banking, we examine:

  • The impact of digital banking on traditional banking institutions
  • How emerging fintech companies are shaping and transforming the industry
  • Key drivers of growth and innovation, including AI, blockchain technology, and mobile payments
  • Benefits and risks of digital banking for finance services and strategies for mitigating these risks.

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