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In this survey report, 2023 EMEA Consumer Insight Analytics, we’ll see how marketers in the EMEA region, spanning many categories, use consumer insights to generate awareness and grow their businesses in these challenging times. And how they’re proving its value to the C-suite.

We’ll share feedback from expert-level professionals in EMEA businesses who use various consumer insight resources to inform campaign strategy and measure results; monitor brand heath; manage customer care; respond to crises; generate exceptional ROI and identify influencers.

Topics covered include:

  • Pain points that EMEA brands are facing
  • Gaps that EMEA brands need to address in their consumer insight efforts
  • Measurement metrics and ROI
  • Which consumer insights channels marketers feel are a “must” to participate in
  • Most important use cases, including brand health, campaign strategy, customer care, competitive intelligence, and more