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To move from surviving to thriving in our post-COVID world, real-time consumer and market intelligence will be the make-or-break ingredient. Brands will compete to stay relevant either by offering specific tailored experiences to consumers, or by moving first (or close to it) to capture emerging trends and new business opportunities.

The competitive advantage will belong to those able to capture the most complete intel from a variety of datasets – and rapidly transforming it into actionable insights. And this will require and exceptional level of confidence in the quality of the business intelligence data that’s aggregated, as well as the accuracy of its analysis.

In this survey report, Strategic Insight & Data Disconnects Report, see what over 1,000 senior leaders from companies across the globe have shared, as well as other enterprise critical insight, including:

  • Challenges senior leaders are facing when integrating disparate data sources
  • External market metrics that are missing or outdated, making meaningful measurement impossible
  • Fragmented consumer feedback and what can be done about it
  • Why time-to-insight is taking too long for these business leaders
  • Consumer and market intelligence gaps that are plaguing the enterprise.