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In light of the pandemic wreaking havoc in markets worldwide, EMEA businesses, like others, found ways to reconnect with consumers and re-energize confidence. Consumer insights offered key opportunities that helped businesses succeed in both areas – and it has continued to do so. In this report, you’ll learn how marketers, spanning a wide swath of categories, use consumer insights to generate awareness, enhance brand loyalty, and grow in these challenging times.

Based on a comprehensive survey of senior-level marketers in the EMEA region, learn how executives are now perceiving the current and forecasted business climate, the role consumer insights plays in their success, and best practices for embracing consumer insights in their organizations.

Topics covered include:

  • Consumer insights leadership and shifting priorities
  • The growth opportunities consumer insights offer EMEA businesses
  • Measurement metrics and ROI
  • Consumer insight channels marketers view as musts
  • Use cases including brand health, campaign strategy, customer care, competitive intelligence, and more.