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The Social Media Report 2020: Retail Industry is a deep dive on how many of the world’s most popular brands are faring in social and news media. The report uses metrics such as mentions, reach, awareness and net sentiment, to rank retail brands overall and by industry segment. In the report, you will see detailed examples of how social and news analytics are used to uncover industry trends, specific brand perception, and other valuable metrics and insights to inform your brand strategies.

Download this comprehensive, 50-page report to see:

  • How retail brands rank overall and by segment, including Athletic, Big Box, Clothing, Department Stores, eCommerce, Grocery, and Luxury
  • Detailed brand and category analyses to show how the data exposes trends and actionable insights
  • Takeaways on the current state of the retail market, how to monitor your competition and your consumer conversation, and overall how to make the most of your social strategy