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It’s no secret that social media features a lot of polarizing political conversation – what’s not as obvious is identifying the issues voters care most about as a collective community. And this year’s US presidential election, the issues go well beyond the topics we’re accustomed to hearing in presidential debates – the list is now topped by highly charged topics such as the pandemic and ongoing human rights.

As a brand, understanding how your consumer demographic is affected by the political climate and issues can inform your decisions and actions. What are consumers talking about as we head into November? How have brands participated in the conversation? How have societal demands shifted throughout the year as unprecedented events unfold? Can we pinpoint how that conversation shifts by gender, and by which candidate certain demographics support?

To find these answers, we take a closer look into the core themes that make up this year’s US election. In this comprehensive report, see analysis on:

  • Top issues for 2020 – how they rank, overall sentiment by political parties
  • How celebrities and brands like Lyft and Coach are influencing the election
  • A case study around the universal health care conversation
  • Ways brands and agencies can use this analysis to inform their decisions