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Consumer experience (CX) is vital to brands, and right now that experience must be viewed through the lens of COVID-19. And brands that are slow to recognize this are losing market share to those who do—especially during a time where every sale counts.

Consumer insight analytics offer ways to master the new and evolving challenges around tracking and improving the consumer experience. Successful brands depend on consumer insights analytics; those that have been slow to adoption are quickly finding themselves falling behind category leaders and scrambling to piece together a mishmash of tools to keep up.

Based on a comprehensive survey of North American top brands and agencies, this 18-page report shares the current state of CX, how brands are tracking and supporting the customer journey, and how they use consumer insight analytics to inform their strategy. Topics covered include:

  • The stages of the customer journey and what to track
  • Which data sources to use to draw CX insights – surveys, purchase behaviors, social media, call center transcripts and many more
  • The top business priorities for CX initiatives (e.g. product launches, cost efficiencies, customer care, etc.) and concrete examples of brands using consumer insights to address each category