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The beauty and cosmetics industry was booming just before COVID-19 hit. Understandably, the economic impact of the pandemic is still unfolding and will be potentially long-lasting. But brands are already looking toward the future, working to understand the evolving market and create near-term and long-term recovery plans.

The 2020 Beauty & Cosmetics Trends Report uses deep media analytics tools to identify beauty trends prior to COVID-19 and then emerging as shelter-in-place rules were instated. Through examples, the report demonstrates how brands can use media analytics to identify and track trends, and inform their recovery plans. Specific topics covered include:

  • Current trends in beauty & cosmetics
  • Beauty influencers and their followings
  • Top companies
  • Top interests by gender and age group
  • How the market has changed/evolved in the last year
  • How COVID-19 is shifting conversations and the way brands are adapting